Screenshot_2016-04-18-09-45-55-1Welcome to my page , My name is Crystal and I am a mother to two beautiful little girls. I started this blog because as a young mom I get asked a lot of questions on my parenting and the reasons I do stuff that I do, Ive been told i have an old soul. Well when I had my first child I became very cautious of everything from the things she ate to the things i put on her skin. Soon I became #teamnatural and a research queen. 

The first big thing I found was the dangers of High Fructose Corn Syrup. It made me really sad after everything I read. Short story it is linked to obesity, has high levels of mercury, and it has additives that are not approved by the FDA. It also triggers something in the brain to tell you that you are not full so you eat more. If you go to the store and read the labels 90% of the food contains high fructose. Of course the organic food or food that does not have it are way more expensive. 100s of years ago people lived long healty lifes without these extra chemicals and medicines. Ive found all kinds of herbal mixtures that has helped my family way better than any cough syrup that has so many man made chemicals in it you have know clue if they are helping you are killing us off. Hopfully my blog will wake some people up and help some people out.